Founded in 1847, Franz Mayer of Munich remains an owner-managed company, specializing in the development and production of international projects, spanning traditional to avant-garde artworks and techniques. We work to the highest quality standards when developing the innovative approaches demanded of expressing the artistic and architectonic visions unique to each project and artist. We excel in collaborating with diverse artistic visions to develop unexpected, exciting, and successful translations into the unique and vibrant materials of stained glass, float glass painting, and mosaic. The fifth generation led family business, is dedicated to restoring the historic while also creating innovative and unique contemporary projects for artists and architects worldwide. The Mayer studio is considered one of the leaders in the field of glass painting and indeed its workshops in the second half of the 19h century produced and exported windows into the world with such unique quality that until today “Munich Style” and “Mayer Style” are synonymous. We are grateful to build upon this legacy and for the opportunity to offer the techniques of such a studio to artists looking for a collaboration with a production studio rooted in traditional quality, yet committed to finding exciting translations for the realization of artistic visions.


With more than 30,000 sq. feet of studio space Munich’s Museum Quarter, we offer:

  • every project is developed and executed, to represent the individuality of the artist and artwork through one of a kind attention, development, and production
  • our traditionally trained yet innovative craftspeople are capable of executing all technical and artistic experimentation that unique approaches require.
  • through our extensive archives and training, our craftspeople intimately understand the traditional knowledge required for restoration, renovation, and reconstruction of stained glass and mosaics
  • age-old access to a diverse network of traditional production houses, supplying all manner of handmade glass and mosaic materials
  • one of a kind in-house material production when called upon
  • in-house graphics department and all related processing (etching, silk-screening, digital printing, CNC waterjet cutting etc.)
  • state-of-the-art facilities for glass and stone processing
  • internationally available on-site installation services
  • professional consulting and curatorial services for private or public institutions in the fields of public art and architecture. We offer a deep network resource of, international artists specializing in site-specific and permanent public projects.