New York, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Karachi, Bombay, Cape Town, Lima, Melbourne, St. Petersburg ...

Since 1847, domes, cathedrals, and thousands of churches with sacred works of art and traditional glass paintings have been produced in the "Munich Style" in highest quality and according to designs by well-known artists from Mayer of Munich. In addition, since the beginning of the 20th century, mosaic masterpieces for private and public clients (public art) all over the world.

Aiken, SC

St. Mary Church, Mayer Archiv / Munich Style

Albany, NY

New York State Capitol, Mayer Archiv / Munich Style

Alexandria, VA

Mark Center Transportation Hub, Heidi Lippman, mosaics

Altoona, PA

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, 2 windows, 1929

Amman, Jordan

His Majesties Reception Room, stained glass window

Nadwa Garden Palace, stained glass door fillings & 2 fountain mosaic panels

Private Palace, stained glass doors & mosaic fountain

Anchorage, AK

Alaska Dept. of Fisheries and Game, Pat Shelton, mosaics

Anchorage International Airport, Sheila Wyne & Kesler Woodward, mosaic ceiling

New Diamond High School, Thomas Holzer, float glass painting

Trail Site Elementary School, Anne Marie Karlsen, float glass painting

Andover, MA

Reforestation, Ellen Harvey

Ankeny, IA

Iowa State Laboratory Facilities, Norie Sato, float glass painting

Arles, Frankreich

Memory, Kerstin Brätsch

Aschaffenburg, Germany

“Pompejanum”, (restoration and reconstruction mosaic floors)

Astana, Kasachstan

Pyramid of Peace, Brian Clarke

Atlanta, GA

Ralph David Abernathy Plaza, Emma Amos, mosaics

Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City Hospital, Laurinda Stockwell, float glass painting

Augsburg, Germany

Cathedral (restoration of medieval windows), new windows, Josef Oberberger, stained glass

Austin, TX

Austin Wall, Clifford Ross

Austin, Ellsworth Kelly

Baden-Baden, Germany

“Spielcasino”, Witzemann, gold mosaic

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Convention Center, Hilton Hotel Lobby, Heidi Lippman, float glass painting

Baltimore-Washington Marshall Airport, Heidi Lippman, float glass painting

Barcelona, Spain

Santa Cecilia de Montserrat, Sean Scully

Belleville, IL

Cathedral of St. Peter, 1903

Bensheim, Germany

Synagogue, Arch. Wandel, Höfer, Lorch, Hirsch, silkscreen printing

Bentonville, AR

Ledger Critters, Stefan Sagmeister

Berlin, Germany

Deutsche Bundesbank, Sabine Hornig, silkscreen printing

Ev.-Luth. Church “am Hohenzollernplatz", Achim Freyer, stained glass windows

GASAG-Pavillon, Ute Lindner, floatglass painting

Martin-Gropius-Building, (restoration and reconstruction facade mosaics)

Office for Foreign Affairs, Gisela Hachmann-Ruch, floatglass painting

Siemens, Beate Passow, mosaics

St. Hedwig hospital, Ralf Schmitt, floatglass painting

Zoo, (restoration mosaic)

Bethlehem, PA

Nativity Pro Cathedral (Episcopal), 1906/9

Boston, MA

UNUS_MUNDUS: The spirit of the piece is the potentail for dialogue., Monika Bravo

Harvard University, (restoration "Tethys"-Mosaic - largest Roman mosaic in the United States)

Liberty Mutual Boston, Camille Utterback, float glass painting

MBTA Airport Station, Linda Lichtman, float glass painting

South Boston Maritime Park, Ellen Driscoll, marble mosaic sculpture

Trinity Church, Glass wall Crypt, Alexander Beleschenko, float glass painting

Bremen, Germany

St. Antonius Church, Renate Groß, float glass painting

Bremerton, WA

Olympic College Bremerton, Barbara Grygutis, float glass painting

Bristol, Great Britain

St. Joseph’s Cathedral (restoration), 1913

Sun Life Insurance, mosaic floor

Buffalo, NY

Chorus of the Deep (something ephemeral and beautifully whole, when seen from the edge of one´s vision, too full when taken head on), Firelei Baez

Three Columns, Robert Mangold

Cairo, Egypt

Nile Hilton Hotel (restoration industrial mosaic of the 50’s), glass and stone mosaics

Northwest Crowfoot Light Rail Transit Station, Barbara Grygutis, float glass painting

Calgary, AB


Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Library, Ellen Driscoll, float glass painting

Camden, NJ

New Jersey Aquarium Projec, glass walls

Cardiff, Great Britain

St. David’s Hall, H.G. von Stockhausen, float glass painting

Cat Spring, TX

Panther Ranch Private Chapel, Margo Sawyer, mosaics

Cerritos, CA

Public Library, Terry Braunstein, stained glass

Charleston, SC

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, mosaic „cushions“

South Carolina Aquarium, Rhodes Dahl, Ellen Mandelbaum, 1905-7

Charlotte, NC

Bank of America, Ellen Driscoll, float glass painting

First Union Common Park, Aida Saul, float glass painting

Harvey Gantt Center, David Wilson, float glass painting

Youthful Offender Facility, Jackie Chang, Floatglasmalerei

Cheyenne, WY

St. Mary’s Cathedral, 7 windows, 1892

Chicago, IL

Cathedral of the Holy Name, mosaics

CTA 47th Street Station/Red Line, Andrew Hall, digital print and painted float glass tiles

CTA 63rd St Station/ Red Line, Sabina Ott, float glass painting

CTA 69th St. Station/Red Line, Doug Fogelson, float glass painting

CTA 79th Street Station/Red Line, McArthur Binion, mosaics

CTA California Station/Pink Line, Chris Silva, mosaics

CTA Damen Station/ Pink Line, Juan Angel Chavez, mosaics

CTA Fullerton Station/ Red Line, Michael Dinges, float glass painting

CTA Garfield Station/Red Line, Cecil McDonald, float glass painting

CTA Irving Park Station/ Brown Line, Juan Carlos Macias, mosaics

CTA Jarvis Station/Red Line, Tom Denlinger, float glass painting

CTA Kedzie Station/ Brown Line, Anne Marie Karlsen, mosaics

CTA Montrose Station, Christopher Cosnowski, float glass painting

CTA Morse Station/Red Line, Harold Mendez, float glass painting

CTA Paulina Station/ Brown Line, Barbara Cooper, float glass painting

CTA Pulaski Station/ Pink Line, Adam Brooks, float glass painting

CTA Sox-35th Street Station/Red Line, Paula Henderson, float glass painting

CTA Thorndale Station/Red Line, Jim Bachor, float glass painting

CTA Western Station/ Brown Line, Ellen Rothenberg, mosaics

FBI Headquarters, Anne Marie Karlsen, float glass sculpture

Frank Lloyd Wright's Charnley House, Arch. SOM (Restaurierung Kamin Mosaik), stained glass

Lincoln Park, “Grandma’s Garden”, Susan Giles, (restoration fireplace mosaics)

Sinai Temple (Lohan), Brian Clarke, wall mosaic ,1956

Chisholm Trail PKWY, Forth Worth,TX

Water Passages/Trinity River Water Fowl, Norie Sato

Cincinnati, OH

St. Peter in Chains Cathedral Altar, mosaics

Clearwater, FL

Clearwater, Guy Kemper

Cleveland, OH

Eight Spatial Nets, Alyson Shotz

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, float glass painting

Clinton, NC

Downtown Clinton Plaza Glass Wall, Heidi Lippman, float glass painting, Heidi Lippman, 1945-54

Columbus, OH

Mount Carmel East Medical Center, Laurel Porcari, ceramic glass melting color print

St. Joseph Cathedral, float glass painting

Coventry, Great Britain

Millennium Place, Alexander Beleschenko, 1905/22

Covington, KY

St. Mary’s Cathedral - Basilica of the Assumption, 7 mosaic floor medallions

Dallas, TX

Floor Mosaic by Multiple Artists, Dallas Airport

Denver, CO

Floating Mt. Evans Sky, Reiner John

Cathedral of St. John-Wilderness (Episc.), stained glass

Police Officer Wall Chevo Studios, Chevo Studios, mosaics & float glass painting

Two United Bank Tower, Thomas Holzer, 1907

Des Moines, IA

WFP Staircase Window, 1 window, 1898

Detroit, MI

St. Paul Cathedral (Episcopal), float glass painting

Dietenhofen, Germany

Light Space Beyond Images and Symbols, Godi und Lukas Hirschi

St. Bonifatius Church, Godi & Lukas Hirschi, stained glass

Dortmund, Germany

Headquarter Building of “Sparkasse”, Herrmann Schardt, mosaic

St. Nicolai and St. Reinoldi, H.G. von Stockhausen, float glass painting

Dutchess County, NJ

To Count: INTRANSITIVE, Mel Bochner

Erding-Klettham, Germany

St. Vinzenz Church, Benedict Schmitz, art mosaic image of christ and text

Erie, PA

Gannon University, Gray Reverend, mosaics

St. Peter Cathedral, mosaic

Eschweiler, Germany

St. Antonius Hospital, Ludwig Schaffrath, float glass painting

Essen, Germany

Kokerei Customs Union, Stephan Huber, float glass painting

Federal Way, WA

Community Center, Laura Sindell, mosaics

Fond du Lac, WI

Grande Cheese Headquarters, Laurel Porcari, 5000 sf facade mosaic

Frankfurt/M., Germany

Frankfurter Stairs, Stephan Huber

European Monetary Institute, Heiner Blum, wallmosaic

Hoechst Chemical Combine, Blasius Spreng, (restoration stained glass windows)

Old Opera, stained glass windows

St. Bartholomäus Cathedral, mosaic columns

St. Katharinen Church, Charles Crodel, mosaic floor

Städel Museum, Valerie Jaudon, 2400 sf glass facade

Theodor-Heuss Allee 100, Alexander Beleschenko, (restoration stained glass windows)

Freiburg i.Br., Deutschland

Limon, Schirin Kretschmann

Fritzlar, Germany

Gainesville, FL

Medical Building Univ. FL, Mickey Smith, float glass painting

Galveston, TX

St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica

Garfield, NJ

New Jersey Transit, Plauderville Station, Clyde Lynds, float glass painting

Gersthofen, Germany

Helmhof, Renate Groß, float glass painting

Glasgow, Great Britain

Light House, Alexander Beleschenko, Arch. Page & Parke, float glass painting

“Signs of life”, Alexander Belschenko, Ken Curri, Arch. Page & Parke, float glass painting

Göppingen, Germany

Polytechnic, Bernhard Huber, float glass painting

Grand Rapids, MI

Cathedral of St. Andrew, 1912

Greeley, CO

Twin Rivers Community Park, Barbara Grygutis, painted float glass towers

Greensburg, PA

Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, 1927/9

Greer, SC

Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, Scott Parsons, mosaics

Gunzenhausen, Germany

Gothic Ev.-Luth. Main Church, H.G. von Stockhausen, east choir stained glass

Halle, Germany

“Kaufhaus am Markt”, facade mosaic

Hamburg, Germany

Foliage, me di um Architekten

Ev.luth. main churches St. Katharinen and Jacobi, H.G. von Stockhausen, Charles Crodel, 3stained glass

Hamburgische Landesbank, Gerhard Hausmann, several glass walls and glass ceilings

Hyatt Hotel, Ada Isensee, glass ceiling

Jungfernstieg-Pavillon und Glasdecken der Hochbahn-Station, André Poitiers Architekten, float glass painting

Olympus Headquarters, Brian Clarke, float glass painting

Hann. Münden, Germany

St. Blasius Church, Gerhard Hausman, stained glass windows

Hannover, Germany

Dresdner Bank, Gerhard Hausmann, glass ceiling

Medical Universit, meditation room, Gerhard Hausmann, mosaic and stained glass windows

Hardheim, Germany

St. Alban Church, F.X.W. Braunmiller, mosaics

Harrisburg, PA

St. Patrick Cathedral, 1905

Heilbronn, Germany

Deutschordensmünster, Thomas Bischoff, float glass paintings

Gothic New City Hall, Blasius Spreng, Karl Knappe, mosaic floors, columns & mural

St. Kilian Church, Charles Crodel, stained glass windows

Helena, MT

Cathedral of St. Helena

Helsinki, Finland

Lies, Lies, Lies, Jani Leinonen

Herne, Germany

good luck! miner’s protest in the Ruhr area, Silke Wagner

Hildesheim, Germany

Gothic St. Andreas Church, H.G. von Stockhausen, stained glass windows

Romanesque St. Michaelis Church, Gerhard Hausmann, faceted glass

Hiroshima, Japan

World Peace Church, Karl Knappe, altar wall mosaic

Hof, Germany

St. Michaelis Church reconstruction of our 19th century stained glass windows, stained glass windows

Honolulu, HI

Aquarius, Tadashi Sato

Houston, TX

Mary-Am, Shahzia Sikander

Christ Cathedral (Episcopal), 1954

SAM Houston State University, Margo Sawyer, float glass painting

Huntley, IL

Indianapolis International Airport, Stuart Keeler, Michael Machnic, float glass painting

St. Mary’s Church, traditional pictorial stained glass windows & mosaic

Imperia, Italy

Eagle, Georg Baselitz

Indianapolis, IN

The Indiana Windows, Martin Donlin

Ingolstadt, Germany

Police Headquarters, Monika Huber, float glass painting

Inver Gr. Heights, MN

Inver Hills Community College, Alexander Tylevich, float glass painting

Iowa City, IA

College of Public Health, University of Iowa, Peter Feldstein, float glass painting

University of Iowa Hygienic Lab, Norie Sato, float glass painting

Ipswich, MA

New England Bio-Labs, Nicole Gordon, mosaic facade

Jena, Germany

University Jena, Joachim Jung, float glass

Kansas City, MO

Liberty Memorial and Museum Entrance Gates, Ellen Driscoll, mosaics

Outdoor Plaza Sculpture, Catherine Woods, float glass painting

Kenmore, WA

Northshore Fire Department, Gloria Bornstein, float glass painting

Northshore Fire Dept., Gloria Bornstein, float glass painting

Ketchum, ID

Ketchum, Carolyn Olbum, mosaics

Kila, Sweden

Kila Kyrka, B.O. Kälde, altar wall mosaic

Knoxville, TE

Sacred Heart, Mayer Archiv / Munich Style

Koblenz, Germany

St. Marien Church, H.G. von Stockhausen, stained glass in east choir

Köln, Germany

"Trinkhalle" at H.-Becker-Str., Martin Mlecko, mosaic floor

Königswinter, Germany

Schloss Drachenburg (1885), Mayer Archiv / Munich Style

Kraiburg/Inn, Germany

Reconstruction of Roman mosaic floor, Reconstruction of Roman mosaic floor

Krefeld, Germany

Her Home, Kiki Smith

La Crosse, WI

Old St. Joseph’s Cathedral, 1903

Lake Forest, IL

Dawn, Jerome Caruso

Lancaster, Great Britain

Ruskin Library, Alexander Beleschenko, Richard MacCormac, float glass painting

Las Fosses, France

Art Project, M. Heinsdorf, J. Groom, mosaics

Lawndale, CA

Lawndale Library, Anne Marie Karlsen, float glass painting

Lehnin, Germany

Romanesque Monastery (restoration stained glass windows)

Leipzig, Germany

Museum of fine arts, Stephan Huber, mosaic wall

St. Thomas Church, H.G. von Stockhausen, mendelssohn-window

Lenexa, KS

Interconnections, Stephen T. Johnson

Lewiston, ME

Lewiston District Courthouse, Linda Lichtman, glass painting

Lexington, KY

Tempur + Sealy International, Guy Kemper, mosaics

University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center, Guy Kemper, mosaics

Lincoln, NE

St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Mayer Archiv / Munich Style

Linköping, Schweden

Linköpings Domkyrka, Brian Clarke

Linz, Austria

Hospital of the “Elisabethinnen”, B.O. Kälde, mosaics

London, Great Britain

Queen Mary College, Bruce McLean

Beware of the God, Neal Fox

684 Bricks for June Gloom, Pae White

East Window, PH Studio Shirazeh Houshiary

Administration Building, Apax Partners, Brian Clarke, stained glass

America Square, Brian Clarke, architectural glass & mosaic

Headquarter GLAXO Pharmaceuticals, Brian Clarke, stained glass

Millennium Place, Coventry, The Bridge, Alexander Beleschenko, float glass painting

Long Beach, CA

Aerial Plaza, Carl Cheng, mosaics

Los Angeles, CA

Only Light, Only Love, Shinique Smith

Artist Educators, Shizu Salamando

Universal Delights, Stephen T. Johnson

Untitled (Girls at Beach with Man in Green Hat), Eric Fischl

29th Street Crossing, Anne Marie Karlsen, mosaics

Archstone HB Lofts, Sylvia Tidwell, float glass painting

Cathedral of St. Vibiana, stained glass, 1924

Civic Center Station, Samm Kunce, mosaics

East Animal Service Center, Lynn Goodpasture, float glass painting

East Valley Community Health Center, Anne Marie Karlsen, float glass painting

Fear Not - private residence, Jackie Chang, float glass painting

Martin Luther King Jr. Station, Shinique Smith, mosaics

Rancho Los Amigos Rehab Center, Deborah Ascheim, float glass painting

Sun Valley Public Library, Anne Marie Karlsen, float glass painting

Union Station, Roy Nicholson, mosaics

Lubbock, TX

Covenant Health System, Reiner John, float glass painting

Ludwigshafen, Germany

City Hall window, Johannes Schreiter, stained glass

“Neuer Pfalzbau”, Blasius Spreng, E.W. Kunz, mosaics & architectural glass


European Conference Center, Francois Gilen, faceted glass reconstructed

Madison, WI

Wisconsin State Capitol (restoration mosaics Central Portion, Rotunda)

Madrid, Spanien

VP Plaza Espana Design Hotel, Jan Hendrix

Mailand, Italien

Scope Creep, Pae White

Mallersdorf, Germany

Monastery, Benedict Schmitz, mosaics and stained glass

Massena, NY

Third Bank of the River, Alan Michelson

Mesa, AZ

Badia Hand-Shoulder Centre, mosaics

City of Mesa Arts Center, Beth Galston, float glass painted railings

Miami International Airport, Norie Sato, float glass painting

Miami, FL

Foreverglades, Barbara Neijna

Atlantis, Ellen Harvey

Just, Jackie Chang

Milan, Italy

Warm Prowl, Pae White

Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee School of Engineers, Hans Dieter Tylle, mosaics & stained glass

St. John Cathedral

Minneapolis, MN

WantNot, Jackie Chang

LIMINAL, Monika Bravo

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Le Voyage d’Ulysse, Karl Lagerfeld and Gerhard Steidl

Montreal, Qu.

Caisse de Depot 92, Genevieve Cadieux, free standing outer glass wall

Montreux, Switzerland

Heaven, Judith Albert & Gery Hofer

Moscow, Russia

U.S. Embassy, Mike & Doug Starn, Floatglasmalerei

München, Germany

Coded Text, Alexander Beleschenko

The Alps, Stephan Huber

Path of Memory, Georg Soanca-Pollak

Fünf Höfe Munich, Herzog & de Meuron and Thomas Ruff

Stations of the Cross Fliestext: Float glass painting St. Florian Church Munich, Germany (2010) , Horst Thürheimer

Linde Score, Joachim Jung

People, Julian Opie

Pool - Unterwasserlandschaft, Martha Schwartz

Portraits, Julian Opie

Light-Box, Roland Fischer

Rose windows in St. Luke´s Church, Reiner John

Airport Terminal 2, car park P20 22, Josef A. Henselmann, art glass panels

Allianz Headquarter Building, Daniel Buren, mirror-wall, coloured glass-claddings

Allianz Headquarter, Zoche Haubitz, mosaics

Asamkirche instalation 2006, Bernd Nestler, float glass painting

Bayer. Landesbank, Reiner John, arkaden glass ceiling

Casino E.ON Energie AG, Andreas Horlitz, float glass painting

Cath. Academy, Antje Tesche-Mentzen, mosaic floor

Cathedral (restoration of the medieval and fabrication of all new stained glass windows)

City Hall reconstruction of “de Bouché”

Department of Waste Disposal, Heiner Blum, artglass wall & sandblasted glass panels

Medieval Court, Brigitte Schuster, glass railings & walls

Münchner Tor, Peter Kluska, glass facade

“Neue Messe München”, Alexander Beleschenko, float glass painting

“Oberste Baubehörde” and subway station “Odeonsplatz”, Karl Knappe, mosaic

Prehistoric Museum (restoration, reconstruction of Roman mosaic floors)

Project "Wunden der Erinnerung", Beate Passow, Andreas v.Weizsäcker, float glass painting

St. Florian, Hella Santarossa, float glass painting

Wacker-Chemicals HQ Bldg., Abdullah Mumme, mosaic floors

WWK Insurance HQ “Children Stars”, Imi Knoebel, colored glass

Münster, Germany

LVA State Insurance Westfalen, Blasius Spreng, mosaics

Mosaics for several palaces

Muskat, Oman

Sultan Qaboos Grande Mosque, Edman O‘Aivazian

N. Richland Hills, TX

Stormy Plaza, Barbara Grygutis, float glass painting

Naples, FL

St. William Church, Mayer Archiv / Munich Style

Nashville, TN

The Stars Come Out at Night, Guy Kemper

Neumarkt, Germany

Gothic St. Johannes Church, H.G. von Stockhausen, Ada Isensee, stained glass

Neusäß, Germany

St. Thomas Morus, George Bernhard, circular gold & stone mosaic

New Carrollton, MD

Metro-Amtrak Regional Transportation Hub, Heidi Lippman, Ben van Dusen, mosaics

New Jersey, NY

Healing Plants, Michele Oka Doner

New Orleans, LA

St. Katharine Drexel Chapel at Xavier University, Stations of the Cross and windows, float glass painting

New York, NY

Transitional Objects in Two and Four Dimensions, Alyson Shotz

CHORUS, Ann Hamilton

Arcade Parade, William Wegman

It was Today, only Yesterday, Art Spiegelman

Blue Rails, Barbara Takenaga

Ciguapa Antellana, me llamo sueño de la madrugada. (who more sci-fi than us), Firelei Báez

Day Into Night Into Day, Amy Pryor

The Arches of Old Penn Station & Arc of Gradiva, Diana Al-Hadid

Dom (Variations), Laura Gibellini

The Home of the Stars, Ellen Harvey

The Garden of Circus Delights, Eric Fischl

FlimFlam, Pae White

Her Bouquet, Kiki Smith

In other words, Jackie Chang

Horizontal, JR

All The World’s A Stage, Kathy Ruttenberg

Pilgrim, Kiki Smith

Dom (Variations), Laura Gibellini

See it Split, see it Change, Mike and Doug Starn

Shad Crossing, Ming Fay

Just Jazz, Moe Brooker

Duration, Monika Bravo

Each One, Every One, Equal All, Nick Cave

No Less Than Everything Comes Together, Marcel Dzama

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Brian Clarke

Queens of the Night & Superhero Responds, Katherine Bradford

River Light, The Water’s Way, The Presence, The Spring and The Sound, Kiki Smith

Under Bryant Park, Samm Kunce

The Tree Inside Me, Sandy Litchfield

The Time Telling, Diana Al-Hadid

Perfect Strangers, Vik Muniz

Stationary Figures, William Wegman

105 Street Subway Station, Brooklyn, Michael Ingui, float glass painting

116th Street Subway Station, Robert Blackburn, mosaics

42nd Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal, Lisa Dinhofer, mosaics

86th Street Subway Station, Brooklyn, Amy Bennett, mosaics

86th Street Subway Station, Peter Sis, mosaics

Arthur Kill Station, Staten Island Railway, Jenna Lucente, float glass

Avenue U Subway Station, F Line, Brooklyn, Andrea Belag, float glass painting

Bridge Market Mosaic Tile Frieze, Roland Gebhardt, mosaics

Bronx Public Library Center, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, 3200 glass plugs

Brooklyn Children's Museum, Robert Adzema, sundial mosaic

Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Susan Kaprov, float glass painting

Cathedral-Basilica of St. James, Brooklyn, stained glass windows, 1906-09

Cathedral of St. Patrick, stained glass windows, 1910

Church Avenue Station, Brooklyn, Louis Delsarte, mosaic murals

Coney Island-Stillwell Subway Station, Brooklyn, Robert Wilson, glass block wall

CSI High School for International Studies, Staten Island, Diana Cooper, float glass painting

DeKalb Avenue Subway Station, Brooklyn, Stephen T. Johnson, mosaics

Early Childhood Center PS/IS 228, Queens, Skowmon Hastanan, float glass painting

East 180th Street Station, The Bronx, Luisa Caldwell, float glass painting & mosaics

Equitable Building (with Fred Seisel Design Technics), Valerie Jaudon, ceramic tile mural

Far Rockaway-Mott Subway Avenue Station, Brooklyn, Jason Rohlf, float glass painting

High School of Graphic Communication Arts, Hans Hoffmann, (restoration of mosaic)

Jay Street Subway Station, Brooklyn, Ben Snead, mosaics

Junto Capital Management, Brian Tolle, float glass painting & glass table

Kingsbridge Road Station, The Bronx, Mario M. Muller, float glass painting

LIRR New Hyde Park Station, Sandy Litchfield, float glass painting

Livonia Avenue Subway Station, Brooklyn, Philemona Williamson, float glass painting

Matlin Residence, Brown Siegel Design, mosaics

Montefiore Medical Center, Julie Nathanson, Reiner John, mosaics

Mosholu Station, The Bronx, Corinne Grondahl, float glass painting

New Lots Avenue Subway Station, Eugenie Tung, float glass painting

North Fork Bank, 125th Street, Louis Delsarte, mosaics

PS 583 Bronx, Sabrina Gschwandtner, float glass

PS IS499 Queens, Martha Madigan, float glass painting

Seneca Avenue Subway Station, Brooklyn, Laura F. Gibellini, float glass painting

Smith & 9th Street Subway Station, Brooklyn, Alyson Shotz, float glass painting

St. George Ferry Terminal (Staten Island), Michael Falco, float glass painting

St. Paul Episcopal Church, Brooklyn, 8 windows, stained glass windows, 1913

The Public Art Fund, City Hall Park (ended 2004), Julian Opie, float glass painting & sculptures

Tremont Ave. Station, Amy Pryor, mosaics

Tremont Avenue Subway Station, Frank Leslie Hampton, mosaics

Wyandanch Station, LIRR, Mary Judge, float glass painting

Newark, NJ

Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, 1952/4

Prudential Life Insurance Headquarters, Ned Smyth, zusammenarbeit mit anderem Studio, mosaic "tower"

Rutgers University, Clyde Lynds, float glass painting

Newport, RI

Rock Cliff Estate, Arch. Eifler & Associates, mosaics

Noci (Bari), Italy

Villagio "Il Valentino", Brian Clarke, stained glass

Nördlingen, Germany

Maria Stern Monastery, Georg Bernhard, stained glass

Northampton, MA

Women’s Room, Smith College Museum of Art, Ellen Driscoll, float glass painting

Oakland, CA

Ascension, David Huffman

Oakland Public Library, Rene Young, float glass painting

St. Francis´ Cathedral, (destroyed/pulled down)

Offenbach, Germany

New Synagogue, Brian Clarke, architectural glass

Ohlsbach, Germany

Trinity Church, Benedict Schmitz, mosaic

Österlen, Schweden

Concrete and Glass Cube, Tom Sandberg

Oxon Hill, MD

Oxon Hill Library, Nancy Gutkin O'Neil, suspended float glass panels

Palm Springs, CA

Musee Picasso, Sean Scully, stained glass

Palm Canyon Townhomes, Anne Marie Karlsen, float glass painting

Palo Alto, CA

Garden Gifts, Larry Kirkland

Paris, France

Cheval Blanc Paris, Peter Marino

La Voix Lactée, Geneviève Cadieux

Pasadena, CA

Raymond Theatre, Anne Marie Karlsen, mosaics

Philadelphia, PA

Goldilock, Ming Fay

Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul, 3 windows, 1888

Philadelphia International Airport US Airways Terminal, Rob Fisher, float glass painting

Philadelphia International Airport, Ellen Harvey, Jan Baracz, float glass painting

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Sky Bridge, Daniel Mayer, float glass painting

Pittsburgh, PA

Carnegie Museum of Art Sculpture Hall ceiling, Lothar Baumgarten, float glass painting

PNC Bank corridor, John Reiner, float glass painting

St. Paul Cathedral, 14 windows, 1904

Playa Vista, CA

Playa Vista Library, Anne Marie Karlsen, float glass painting

Portland, ME

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 1902-13

Potsdam, Germany

Sanssouci Palace, Picture Gallery (restoration of giallo antico murals),

Princeton, NJ

(Any) Body Oddly Propped, Mike and Doug Starn

Ecstasy as Sublime/Heart as Vector & Quintuplet-Effect, Shahzia Sikander

Pristina, Kosovo

Synchronicity of Color for Kosovo, Margo Sawyer

Providence, RI

TF Green Airport, Barbara Cooper, hand-painted & fired-glass tile mosaic

Puyallup, WA

Good Samaritan Hospital, Lynn Goodpasture, mosaics and float glass painting

Quincy, IL

Cathedral of St. John (Episcopal), 1913

RCCL Royal Carribean Cruise Ship

Allure of the Seas, Anne Marie Karlsen, mosaics

Explorer of the Seas 3, Lynn Goodpasture, mosaic murals

Explorer of the Seas, Anne Marie Karlsen, mosaics

Symphony of the Seas, Lynn Goodpasture, mosaics

The Oasis of the Seas, Anne Marie Karlsen, mosaics

Regensburg, Germany

Cathedral conservation of medieval and 19 th century glass, Josef Oberberger, all new stained glass

Reichertshofen, Germany

R.C. Church, Benedict Schmitz, mosaic

Reykjavik, Iceland

Churches, Leifur Breidfjörd, mosaics, Benedikt Gunnarsson, stained glass windows

Keflavik Airport, Ruri, glass sculpture

Riad, Saudi-Arabien

Al Faisaliah Glass, Brian Clarke

Heart Tent, Frei und Bettina Otto

Richmond, VA

Gateway Plaza Lobby, Carol Mickett, Robert Stackhouse, mosaics

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

NorteShopping, Brian Clarke

Riyadh, Saudi Ar.

KKIA-Mosque / King Khalid International Airport, Brian Clarke, stained glass windows, Edman O’Aivazian, mosaics

MOMRA, Barbara Hammerstein, mosaic project

Rockville Centre, NY

St. Agnes Cathedral, 1904

Roermond, Netherlands

Cathedral of St. Christoffel, Bernd Nestler, float glass painting

Rom, Italy

Holy Spirit Window, Mayer Archiv / Munich Style

Romont, Switzerland

Cistercian Monastery, Brian Clarke, stained glass windows

Rottweil, Germany

Dominikaner-Museum, (restoration of roman mosaic floor)

Saarlouis, Germany

Color Space, Saskia Schultz

Sacramento, CA

Multitudes Converge, Bryan Valenzuela

Sacramento Airport, Mildred Howard, hand-blown glass house

Salt Lake City, UT

Cathedral of the Madeleine, 1906

Fairpark Station, Nancy Gutkin O'Neil, float glass painting

St. Mark’s Cathedral (Episcopal), 1900

Salzburg, Austria

Agricultural Institute Kleßheim, Regina Öschlberger, float glass painting

San Diego, CA

The Spirit and the Silence, Norie Sato

Fire station Pacific Highland Ranch, Barbara Grygutis, float glass painting

San Francisco, CA

Air Over Under, Norie Sato

Hyper-Natural Bay Area, Robert Minervini

Voyage, Val Britton

Laguna Honda Hospital & Rehabilitation Center, Doug and Diane Hall, mosaics, Doug and Diane Hall, mosaics

Mission Dolores Basilica, 1932/59

Santa Monica, CA

Sta. Monica Fire Station, Deborah Ascheim, float glass painting

Santiago de Chile, Chile

Palacio de Tribunales (1907), Mayer Archiv / Munich Style

Scranton, PA

St. Peter’s Cathedral, 1920/9/31

Seattle, WA

Extension, Jaq Chartier

Pier 66, Port Seattle, Ann Gardner, mosaic wall

Seattle International Airport, Jaqueline Metz, Nancy Chew, float glass elevator

Sound Transit Northgate Station, Mary Ann Peters, float glass painting

St. James Cathedral, 6 windows, 1911/1994

Swedish Medical Center, Ann Gardner, mosaics

Terry Ave. Plaza, Vulcan Real Estate, Ann Gardner, mosaic wall sculpture

Silverspring, MD

Holy Cross Hospital, Heidi Lippman, float glass painting

Newell Street Glass Wall, Heidi Lippman, float glass painting


Bugis Junction, mosaic floors

"Park Mall", E.J. MarWin, glass ceilings

Sioux City, IA

Cathedral of the Epiphany, 1903

Soest, Germany

St. Mary of the Meadows Gothic Church, H.G. von Stockhausen, stained glass windows

Spokane, WA

All Saints Cathedral, 1902

Cathedral of Our Lady Of Lourdes, 1910

Springfield, MO

Springfield Branson Airport, Reiner John, float glass painting

St. Augustine, FL

Cathedral of St. Augustine, 1908

St. Louis, MO

Clayton Metro Bus Center, Catherine Woods, float glass painting

Lambert International Airport - Glass Triptychs, 9 Künstler: Edna Patterson, William La Chance, Eva Lundsager, Lauren Adams, Joan Hall, Mel Watkin, Tom Huck, Sarah Giannobile & Jana Harper, float glass painting

St. Moritz, CH

Private estate (floor mosaic)

Stamford, CT

The Swiss Bank Cone, Brian Clarke

Straubing, Germany

Chapel in Hospital Barmherzige Brüder, Mario Schosser, float glass painting, Mario Schosser, float glass painting

Medieval Castle, Thierry Boissel, slump glass walls

Syracuse, NY

Cathedral of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, 1903

Tacoma, WA

Community College, Stuart Keeler, Michael Machnic, float glass painting

Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center, Stuart Keeler, Michael Machnic, float glass painting

Tampa, FL

Intersection of Kennedy Boulevard, Memorial Highway, Catherine Woods, float glass sculpture

Private Residence, Cristina Lei Rodriguez, float glass painting

Tampa Convention Centre, HOK Graphic Dept., graphic mosaics works

Tokyo, Japan

"Barneys New York", Arch. Peter Marino, mosaic

Toyocho Hotel, Lutz Haufschild, stained glass

Topeka, KS

Western Recourses, mosaics

Toronto, Ont.

Crowne Plaza Center Hotel, Stuart Reid, float glass wall

Lubavitch synagogue, Mimi Gellman, float glass painting

Trenton, NJ

Christ Church Pro-Cathedral, 1931

Tulsa, OK

Sacré Coeur, Guy Kemper

Ulm, Germany

Minster, H.G. von Stockhausen, stained glass windows

Uppsala, Sweden

Falling Folds, Alyson Shotz

Vail, CO

Lionshead Transportation Center, Michael Krondl, float glass painting

Vancouver, BC

Off Centre, Renee van Halm

Walking Spectrum, Devon Knowles

Varese, Italy

Villa Panza Museum, Sean Scully, stained glass

Victoria, TX

University of Houston System at Victoria, Margo Sawyer, float glass painting

Vorarlberg, Österreich

From Stone to Water, David Reed

Waldram, Germany

St. Josef’s Church, Robert Weber, float glass painting

Washington, DC

Holy Cross Hospital Silver Spring, Heidi Lippman, mosaics

New York Avenue Metro Station, Barbara Grygutis, float glass painting

PA Ave. Associates - Freedom Plaza, Rolph, mosaics

St. Matthew's Cathedral (restoration)

Washington Cathedral (Episcopal), 4 Windows, 1977

Weiden, Germany

“Maria Waldrast” Church, Benedict Schmitz, altar wall mosaic and way of the cross mosaic, stained glass

Wheeling, WV

Howard Long Wellness Center, Kessler Studios, mosaics

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, 1911

Wien, Austria

Churches St. Josef und Franz von Sales, Benedict Schmitz, mosaics

Fürnkranz Couture, ceiling mosaic for showroom

Wuppertal, Germany

Else Lasker Schüler monument, Stephan Huber, mosaics


"Atlantis II" Niarchos, Willibald Bierl, mosaic

Zürich, Schweiz

Chapel of Remorse, Jani Leinonen

Zwickau, Germany

Sparkasse, Alexander Beleschenko, float glass paintings