Edition 17.0


Peter Beard, Geneviève Cadieux, Eric Fischl, Sylvie Fleury, Ruth Gurvich, Ann Hamilton, Jan Hendrix, Vik Muniz, Michele Oka Doner, Jean Pagliuso, David Reed, Clifford Ross, Saskia Schultz, Shahzia Sikander, Kiki Smith, Mike and Doug Starn, Pae White

To mark the 170th anniversary of Mayer of Munich, an edition with multiples of 17 Mayer’s favorite artists was published. The exclusive selection of gems in a pack of 10 editions, enchanted by micro mosaics for Genevieve Cadieux and Michele Oka Doner to stained glass for Eric Fischl or Kiki Smith, places David Reed's famous brushstroke with lead in antique hand-blown glass and puts Sylvie Fleury's "My Life on the Road" in a new light glass scenes.
The 17 artist´s featured in the edition were encouraged to explore all resources and knowledge
Mayer of Munich can offer. The only limit was size: 20/20/20 in.

Peter Beard

Boran Woman, 15.3/18.5 in

Africa and wildlife. Colors of earth and clay brick. The portrait in Beard´s photo collage was digitally printed onto colored Murano glass cake and encircled with fragmented smalti mosaic, interpreting the original craquelé of his blood drawings, all highlighted with bright white grouting.

Geneviéve Cadieux

La Voix Lactée, 20/8/3 in

La Voix Lactée, the milky voice, is a small version in micro-mosaic with a raw cement boarder of the monumental artwork Cadieux has created in collaboration with Mayer of Munich for the Paris Metro Station of Saint-Lazare. The motiv originates from an artpiece she made for the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art.

Eric Fischl

Dancers, 14/18 in

The New York based figurative artist Eric Fischl has collaborated with Mayer of Munich on numerous significant mosaic artworks over the years. In his edition piece, he gives the three Dancers a feeling of gliding through space. The watercolor figures have been handpainted using transparent ceramic melting colors and are set in a oak stand.

Sylvie Fleury

My Life on the Road (Chrysler, Chevy, Buick), 20/16 in

These three pieces were produced in combination of hand painting and silkscreen using ceramic melting colors, fired on transparent glass. They are mounted in a bronze lightbox with LED option. My Life on the Road was shown in a larger version on the occasion of the Swiss performance artist and sculptor´s solo exhibition in the Villa Stuck in munich, 2016.

Ruth Gurvich

Overturn, 20/9 in

Light, movement, and effortlessness are typical for the Argentine born artist´s works in porcelain that mimic gently crumpled paperwith an attention on tactility. For Overturn, an oval of handmade antique glass with platinum mirroring was created. Each bird was painted by Gurvich on glass that resembles a rainy sky. A special detail is a dewdrop bubble that was inserted when blowing the glass.

Ann Hamilton

(O N E) • 1, 2x 17/20 in

Themes of time, change and decay play major roles in the work of the American conceptual artist. Currently Mayer of Munich is working on an enormous mosaic project with the artist to be installed in the New York subway station at Ground Zero. For the edition, Hamilton photographed people behind a gauze curtain: (O N E)
• 1 and (O N E) • 2 were digitally printed with ceramic melting colors fired on glass and are contrasted by fields of blue and pink antique glass.

Jan Hendrix

Ginkgo Leaf, 6.7/6.7/2.3 in

The work of Mexico City based, Natherlands born artist Jan Hendrix, is often monumental in scale, especially when it comes to his works on facades and architecture. For the edition, he experimented with the miniature format. The Ginkgo leaf, with its filigree veins, was explored as subject. On seven layers of clear float glass, the veins were printed in platinum and then laminated with edges ground and polished.

Vik Muniz

Perfect Strangers, Details, 14/12/1.1 in, 13.8/13.8/1.2 in, 8/5/0.4 in

The renowend Brazilian artist specializes in collages. For the edition, Muniz chose sections from a 2017 completed mosaic project for the Second Avenue subway station at 72nd street in New York entitled Perfect Strangers to be recreated. Included are the Eye, Balloon, and Globe, all finished with Murano mosaic glass, smalti, and glass cakes - individually framed in blackened iron or grouted.

Michele Oka Doner

Healing Plant, 20/20/12 in

The American artist is well known for her large-scale projects such as A Walk on the Beach at the Miami Airport. Included in the edition is a version of her mosaic entitled Healing Plant, a project developed for a children´s hospital and made of ‘German Gold’ and Murano glass miro mosaic. It is beautifully filigreed and inlaid into a blackened iron table.

Jean Pagliuso

White #22, Black #5, Varigated # 1, 14.6/17.7 in

For the Poultry Suite the New York based photographer taps her experiences growing up in California surrounded by chickens, on her father´s farm. The poultry theme is clear in the included three motifs where hand painted over digitally printed ceramic melting colors are fired on antique glass with natural edges. One or more panels can be perched on a natural bark edge shelf mounted to the wall.

David Reed

Brushmark #555 Dark Red, 22.6/33.5 in

Powerful brushstrokes are the hallmark of the renowned American painter and video artist. For the work Brushmark #555 Dark Red, a ruby panel of antique glass was cut to shape and received the artist´s siganture brush mark in ceramic melting colors via the silk screen process. This piece was leaded and combined to a clear antique glass panel with white color streaks.

Clifford Ross

Harmoniums, 7.9/7.9/1.6 in

The giant glass wall created by the artist fort the U.S. Courthouse in Austin, Texas, dances between a black and white graphic sensitivity and the rich color understanding of a landscape photographer. The nephew of painter Helen Frankenthaler has represented a small section of his Austin project for the edition which compresses this powerful visual language into layered glass bricks, fused together to blocks at high temperatures, and displayed on tree stump stands.

Saskia Schulz

Schall und Rauch, 9.4/14.6 in

Through historical, academic and material research of our archives, Schultz´s contribution to the edition breathes new life into the wonders and treasures found at Mayer of Munich. In this work, she translates two mirrored angel reliefs entitled Schall und Rauch inspired by the company´s early designs. They are made in dark and light ceramic with antique glass and gold mirror inserts.

Shahzia Sikander

Ayad Akhtar, 10.2/13.8 in

The artwork of Pakistani born, New York based artist, is richly informed through explorations of her Muslim heritage. For her contribution to the edition, the portrait of Ayad Akhtar, Pakistani actor and author of The Who and The What, is depicted on antique glass, beautifully hand-painted with ceramic melting colors and an airbrush technique. White gold is delicately applied and lacquered to the second surface.

Kiki Smith

Bouquet, 20/17 in

The Nuermberg born, New York based artist contributes to the edition Bouquet, which is a section of her entry to the 2017 Venice Biennale for which Petra Mayer sat as model. The work has been realized in white opal glass with hand painting and silkscreened ceramic meltingcolors, in addition moon gold and silver foil have been applied at the reverse. The work includes a maple stand.

Mike and Doug Starn

No Matter What or Who You‘ve Been, 15/20 in

Located in the American Embassy in Moscow, twin brothers Mike and Doug have created an artwork depicting the moon landing in a humorous and provocative way. The imagery is a colorfully rich collage of NASA photos, various texts and images of David Bowie as Starman. It has been executed by layerings of various techniques on antique and float glass, printed ceramic melting colors and etching with filled gold luster.

Pae White

Lollipoptions, each 2/2/4 in

The California based artist displayed her work Qwalala at the 2017 Venice Biennale, consisting of an undulating wall of multicolored Glass Bricks imitating the scale of a typical ‘Eurobrick.’ For the edition, the artist has provided these blocks in a miniature format. A suitcase-sized wooden box with eight blown glass bricks in various colors can be combined playfully. All elements are made of hand blown glass into forms, interiors are platinum mirrored.