4th Generation


"We cannot let this craft die out. We have to take care and nurture it.”


The poet and the doctorate in business administration

Konrad Mayer

son of Karl Mayer

(* 1923 † 2012 Munich)

Gabriel Mayer

son of Adalbert Mayer

(* 1938 Munich)

1953 K.M. takes over the representation in South America 1970 G.M. pushes architecture-related works "Art in Architecture" and the Middle East Market 1980 G.M. takes care of the US business and the introduction of float glass (after Sir A. Pilkington) as an addition to traditional stained glass 1984 - 1986 "Heart Tent" Frei u. Bettina Otto, Diplomatic Club Riyadh / Saudi Arabia 1988 G.M. founds first workshop overseas in NY Fairfield (until 1996) with the focus on "Public Art".

“We have to keep the European tradition of our old culture. You are more credible if you have security in your own culture.”


1990 - 2010 K. M. “A Munich company biography in 2 volumes; dedicated to the youngest offspring of the Mayer family tree and family heir of the 6th generation Samuel Elias“ 1990s Brian Clarke: joint projects in Rio, New York, Riyadh, etc. 2008 G.M. Publication "Franz Mayer of Munich" on Munich Style/ Mayer Altstil

“It was simply time for a Mayer to write the history of Mayer. It is obvious that such a person sees the company's business somewhat differently, accentuates and interprets it as a neutral speaker.”


2010 – 2013 G.M. Retirement from the professional life and publisher of the monograph "Mayer'sche Hofkunstanstalt" "Franz Mayer of Munich", by Hirmer publishing house 2014 G.M. board member of the Deutscher Werkbund 2016 G.M. recieves Bavarian Culture Prize together with Charlotte Knobloch

“My relationship with Gabriel and Michael Mayer has taught me so much and given me a good mood over the years. The Mayer'sche Hofkunstanstalt is a European treasure and part of the culture. We have to make every effort to be worthy of it.”

Brian Clarke 2013