5th Generation


"Dynastic awareness of tradition, contemporary openness, forward-looking sensitivity paired with mercantile and social flair – always staying true to yourself."


A grounded visionary and a world collector - the couple

Michael Claudius Mayer

mosaicist and businessman
(* 1967 Munich)

Petra Wilma Mayer

Architect (TUM)
(* 1964 Aschaffenburg)

“Realignments and technical requirements in glass and mosaic for the future. „Marriage“ between tradition and high-tech laboratory.“


1985 - 1988 M.C.M. visits the "Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli", Spilimbergo, graduates as master mosaicist, from 1986 study and educational trips USA and Japan 1996 M.C.M. entry into the management and marriage with Petra Wilma - sons Samuel Elias (* 2006) and Joshua Gabriel (* 2010) since 1994 P.W.M. certified "house and court architect" is dedicated to the restoration and adaptation of Theodor Fischer's architectural jewel - the couple collaborates on Munich projects such as the "Herz-Jesu Church" (1996), "Fünf Höfe" (2001) and "Path of Memory”, Jewish Community/ Ohel Jakob Synagogue (2005)

“It is not just about conveying an artistic idea on flat glass, stone, or mosaic, but also about capturing the necessary engineering work. We want to be the workshop that provides support for the artists.”


Turn of the millennium father and son revive the traditional stained-glass Munich/Mayer Style and thus the DNA of the house. New construction of the float glass department 2014 Opening of the New York office at 1123 Broadway 2017 Celebration of the 170th company anniversary including an artist edition and the publication of "Light", Steidl publishing house 2018 P.W.M. founds the " Chamber of Wonders", featuring editions and selected pieces from of a selection of worldwide artist friends.

"Here ideas are turned into art."

Gerhard Steidl

May the essence for art continue to exist in the 6th generation!