2nd Generation


"I have always loved beauty for its own sake, never because I intended to own it!"


Directors, two brothers

Joseph Leonhard Mayer

sculptor and artistic director

(* 1846 † 1898 Munich)

Franz Borgias Mayer

artist and councilor of commerce

(* 1848 † 1926 Munich)

1870 - 1880 the two brothers study sculpture and painting with Prof. Knabl and Prof. Schlotthauer at the "Academy of Fine Arts" inMunich. The early years of F.B.M. are characterized by study and educational trips throughout Europe and the participation in the day to day operations at the London office. J.L.M. leads the artistic direction of the company till his early death, while F.B.M. guides the "Königlich Mayer'sche Hofkunstanstalt" into its international golden age, setting up the new stained glass department (after Zettler) with 20 Anglo-Saxon stained glass painters (Pre-Raphaelites: Dixon, Daniel i.a.).

1881 J.L.M. creates the "Josef Knabel Tombstone" at the Old Southern Cemetery, in Munich 1882 "The golden ratio: the church book marries the church window" F.B.M. Marriage to Therese Pustet (Pustet publishing house, Regensburg founded in 1820 "Typographers of the Holy See") 1882 King Ludwig II. bestows the title "Royal Bavarian Court Art Institute" End of the 19th century worldwide customers of non-denominational sacred art: churches, cathedrals, synagogues and mosques in collaboration with the most renowned artists of the time: Professors Knabl, Schlotthauer, Feuerstein and the English "star artists" Dixon and Daniel

"I love flowers! Do you know why? Because they inspire the colors for my windows.”


1888 F.B.M.is a nature lover and early supporter of naturopathy Dr. Kneipp, purchases a country estate in Starnberg as a neighbor to Franz von Lenbach. 1888 receives Knight's Cross “Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic” 1892 Pope Leo XIII. bestowed the titel “Institute of the Holy Pontifical Chair” 1896 Prince Regent Luitpold appoints F.B.M to the “Royal Council of Commerce” 1898 J.L.M. passes away "Never caring much for his health, married twice, with many children left behind" 1905 St. Peters Dom, Rome "The Holy Spirit Window" above the Bernini Altar, the only leaded glass present within in the entirety of the cathedral.

Franz Xaver Zettler

Son-in-law of Joseph Gabriel Mayer
married to Therese Mayer (1843-1905) Head of Franz Mayer of Munich stained glass until 1870

(* 1841 † 1916 in Munich)

1871 F.X. Zettler founds the "Institute for Church Stained Glass" in Briennerstr. 1873 King Ludwig II. awards the "Royal Bavarian Court Glass Painting" further awards "Michael Orden", "Franz-Joseph Orden" (Austria), "Order of the Crown" (Prussia) and the Star of Romania". After 1909 his Sons Prof. Franz and Oskar Zettler run the business. 1939 Franz Mayer of Munich takes over F.X. Zettler. Reunification of the two leading "Munich Style" houses and the archives Mayer/ Zettler at Stiglmaierplatz.

“Munich has achieved particular fame in the United States of America because of two things: its good beer and its glass paintings by the workshops of Franz Mayer and F.X. Zettler! "

Kardinal Michael von Faulhaber (1869-1952)